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Fiber Optic Light  source 40W Cree LED light source replace the 150W metal halide light source of fiber optic lighting


Model no: Aurora-40


Main Features of Fiber Optic Light system
1. Without current in the fiber, complete safe to user.
2. Solation from UV/ IR; Not any damage to eyes at all
3. DIY products, It can be made into any shape or style that you need at random.
4. Moving and dynamic effect make it more active.
5. Twinkle(sparkle) lighting effect.
6. DMX512 synchronization color changing.
7. With CE approved, 2 years guarantee to user.

Application of Fiber Optic Light system

1. Exhibition Hall, Hotels, Meeting Room
2. Disco Hall, Karaoke Room, Coffee House, Upscale Clubs
3. Ideal for the noble, elegant and romantic decorative

Parameter for 40W CREE LED light source for Fiber Optic Light System


LED type

Outer Dia(mm)

Standard Aperture



1*40W            cree led chip

6 colors                                                   (white,Sky-blue,green,yellow,purple,blue)

Φ28mm.            can attach with 1050pcs DIA0.75mm fiber cables.



6 colors, Dimmer, digital dispaly            synchronization color changing.


6 colors, Dimmer, digital dispaly            synchronization color changing.                    twinkle lighting

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