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Eight features make our Flora LED Grow Most Popular.

Input Voltage
100-240V AC power input,  50/60HZ working frequency, suitable for global residential energyenvironment.

Apollo is designed to be used globally, you will have peace of mind by knowing this light is a universal suitable equipment.

Our products apply advanced isolated power drivers that are of UL standard output voltage which is lower than 76V DC.
Low Temperature
Revolutionary   heat dissipation design, availablyalleviate the internal thermal cycle,10-15℃ lower than its predecessors in performance.
Modular Assembling
Modular  assembling, no-glue and no-glass design, very easy for repairment and maintenance.

Only few steps to assemble up the whole fixture.

Intelligent  Detection System ensuring the whole equipment working in a good state.

This is a smart system, it tells how is the LED working and indicates to you if problem occurs.

Colorful Outlook
Aluminum face shield design,a vailable for avariety of colour combinaiton.

Case: red ,black, white Side:red, gray, white,black Face shield: red,black, silver, blue

Built  with secondary optical lens, the penetration is more outstanding.

The secondary optical lens make the beam angle controllable, which enable the LEDs to address highly uniformed PPF to plants ,thereby the total volume of the energy used was substantially reduced.

Apollo   LED Grow Lights select first-rate LEDs as light source , ensuring the superior high quality and long lifespan .Apollo addressing various photosynthetic aspects helpingin plant's growth.

The LEDs are available in a variety of wavelengths andspectra can be customized to provide the most nutrientlight source for your plants.Photosynthesis is driven by PAR
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