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Aurora fiber optic light make surprised lighting effect for you.
Fiber Optic Light Systems including the Light Surces, Fiber Optic Lighting Cables, Fiber Optic Fittings.
Installed Easily


The Fiber Optic Lighting Cables are Flexible,can be made at any shape at your random



Fiber optic cables can be cutted at special length as your need.


Complete Safe, NO UV and IR




Surprised lighting effect you can do by the Fiber Optic Lighting System Products.


The Light sources can be Color changied. for example:white,red,green,yellow,green,sky-blue, grass-green.

Starry sky lighting effect by the Fiber optic lighting kits : Twinkle lighting& nbsp;effect on the ceiling starry project.

Lighting effect for Fiber optic fittings (optional)

Side sparkle light fiber optic cables for chandeliers and waterfall.


Operate Easily .


Wireless remote control.

Twinkle lighting effect .

DMX512 synchronization color changing.

Maximum amount of 31 present programs built inside the light source .


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